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Whether it’s the rug in your hall, carpets on the stairs or your bedroom, even the carpet in your car we got it covered.... literally!! 

With our carpet freshener, introduce a new way to have your house or car smelling like your favourite scent. 

Laundry inspired, luxury fragrance inspired & essential oils there is a scent for everyone and every carpet. 

You will get: 

1 x 500g bottle of carpet freshener 


*on average one use on your stairs will take 12-15 Grams of scent when used in the bottle.  

*please keep out of reach of children and pets in regards to storage and when using product. Keep children and pets away while you leave the freshener on the carpets for 10-15 mins. 








Height: 18.5cm

width: 15cm 

depth: 13cm 

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